Thank you for your interest in getting involved with Free for All: Inside the Public Library! The film will be released this year. You can stay connected and informed, or support this project financially:

 Other Ways to Get Involved:

We’d love your involvement in ensuring this film project reaches as far as possible. Please contact us if you’re interested in sharing the film with your community, and we’ll be in touch about upcoming screening and engagement opportunities for when the film is complete.

Additionally, our impact campaign will make sure the film supports critical thinking, community action, and big picture planning in the ways listed below. Please email if you’d like to partner with us or have creative ideas to help achieve any of the following:

  • Dispel the myth that libraries are obsolete

  • Engage local communities with local programming

  • Spark debate about issues like privacy, equity, and intellectual freedom

  • Illuminate the untold history of public libraries and the library movement

  • Rally policymakers’ support for libraries

  • Emphasize the importance of libraries to our democracy

Visit for more about the filmmakers and our work.