Free for All: Inside the Public Library would not be possible without the belief and support of the organizations, funders, and individuals who have collaborated with us in spearheading this timely documentary project.

Individual Donors

Thank you to all of the individuals who have supported us over the years, including our 987 Kickstarter supporters. And a special thank you the following people, many of whom have made donations of at least $500:

Amy Jean Boebel
Cora Saxton & Tracy McNamara
Cappy Coates & Veronica Selver
Caren & Erle Furbeyre
Carla Colburn
Catherine Coates
Deborah Jacobs
Deborah DeWit
Deborah Doyle
Denise Jarvinen & Peter Cremieux
Diane Davenport
Dominique Bravo & Eric Sloan

Nancy Kittle
Nancy Moyle
Nazir Ahmad
Nion McEvoy
Pat & Barbara Coady
Peter Booth Wiley
Renee Wise
Robert Mailer Anderson
Robin Kokemor Rangel
Robin Wall
Signa Irwin Houghtelling
Stephen Silha/Big Joy Project
Susan Goldstein
Susan & Peter Kahn
Suzanne LaFetra
Tom Wang
Valerie Wright

Jennifer Clark
Judith Allender
Karen Glover
Laura & Shaw McCutcheon
Lea & Denny Marienfeld
Linda Taylor
Mary Logsdon
Marion Cole
Mary Abler
Mary Faulknor
Michael Ravitch & Daniel Hurwitz
Michele Besant
Michele Cobble & Michelle Echenique